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1. You find too much and you get stuck in overwhelm.
2. You don’t find anything that’s actually relevant. 
3. Your search takes far too much time. 👀

You’re already under the gun to finally get this book/script written or craft your role and if you’re doing your research the traditional way, you’re wasting countless hours. If I can tell you one thing from my years of working with novelists and writers, it’s this. Poor research is the death knell to great work.

And you may already know this, but if you’re relying on “historical” movies for insights and details, you’re getting it wrong.

You’re busy and it’s time to cut through the noise when you’re doing your research.

With my research strategies, you’ll not only get accurate historical information so you can craft a stellar novel, screenplay or acting role, but you’ll be able to do it FAST. 


Original archives are now accessible via digitised databases and I’ll show you my behind-the-scenes methods to get historical photos, portraits and insights that you won’t find any other place. 

After having worked with my clients to research over 150 biographies and novels, I can assure you that this historical research process works. 


Did you know that the right resources could help you cut your research time in half?

This 75-minute video training is all about how to find the best online resources on your historical person. 

In just over an hour, you will learn:


👉 Which 3 questions to ask before you even start so that you quick-start your search efforts (hint: this also eliminates overwhelm).

👉 A simple research trick to find out small details of how your protagonist may have looked and what he/she wore every day (and why it matters).

👉 Plus, which online databases consistently provide the best research results. 

I won’t waste your time in this short training. Click the button below 👇👇 to find out all about the 5 database resources I’m giving you with this training . . . and to sign up in 10 seconds or less.

Join me, Dr. Barbara (the consultant behind 150 historical novels and history non-fiction books) for the Beat The Search Engine Challenge during this video training (it's on demand right now). Reserve your spot for only 7 Euros (that's approximately 8 USD and 11 AUD). 

Why am I charging? To encourage you to register only if you really plan to attend and/or watch the replay and act. There are limited spots available for this video training. 

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